Winter Photography Workshop Crested Butte 2022

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Winter is a challenge for any photographer but it can be very rewarding. Come join Connor Scalbom and I for our winter workshop in Crested Butte, Colorado. There are only 8 spots so reserve yours soon. We will be following strict COVID-19 guidelines and if any student is feeling unwell days prior to the workshop please reach out to us. Masks will not be required but feel free to wear one. This is a 4 day workshop, the itinerary is:

  • 11 March  2022, Students will arrive and we will have a meet and greet and go over the itinerary for the weekend. This will happen at the Secret Stash pizza restaurant and we will be buying our students their meal. If students would like alcoholic beverages they are responsible for purchasing those.
  • 12 March  2022, We will be shooting early this morning. Blue hour into sunrise attempting winter landscapes/astroscapes. Basic snowshoe lesson during the day with some free time during the afternoon to explore the town. The day will conclude with a snowshoe sunset shoot into blue hour with some astrophotography to end the night. 
  • 13 March 2022, if the weather is clear, we will wake up fairly early to shoot the Milky Way. We will be snowshoeing at sunrise to the Lower Loop and the Slate River. This will be followed by a Sunday yurt brunch. Free time during the day, we recommend students ski the resort, nap, or explore the town if they would like. We will end the day with another instructional sunset blue hour shoot and this  will conclude the in person part of the workshop.
  • 14 March 2022, in the morning, students will receive an editing tutorial video from Connor and I. We will host a Zoom meeting in the evening at 7pm MST to provide a critique classroom session and conclude the workshop.

When in Crested Butte during the winter it is very easy to find yourself singing the tune of Michael Bublé, “Winter Wonderland.” Even in the biggest snowstorms you can find this city to be alive and enjoying the snow to the fullest. Not only is it a premier ski destination, but it is one of the most unique towns located in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The colorful unique houses, buildings, and atmosphere are just a few of the many reasons to visit Crested Butte. 

Connor has spent the past several years photographing Crested Butte on a level that is unmatchable by many. His work is outstanding and he will be teaching how to capture the uniqueness of Crested Butte. 

We will be spending the weekend doing a combination of landscape photography and weather permitting, astrophotography. We are hoping for a bit of a snowstorm so we can shoot downtown during it. 

Not only will this be a photography workshop, it will be a guided adventure. On Saturday we will instruct on the basics of snowshoeing and putting them to practice that night. Sunday we will be waking up early to do a snowshoe sunrise shoot at a location close to town. This adventure will not require anything super strenuous.

Since this is a winter workshop, it is up to you to bring apparel for winter conditions. We will not be providing transportation to you and we recommend you have a vehicle that can handle snow, possible snow tires and chains if you feel it is necessary. This workshop does require some strenuous activities and if you feel you can do a little bit of snowshoeing please sign up today!

We want this workshop to be an adventure and an experience. We also want to teach you how to be prepared for certain situations and share knowledge that would have benefited us in our early career. One goal is for every student to leave our workshop with multiple images they are happy with. Another goal of ours is for you to have an experience of a lifetime. To achieve this, both Connor and I will not be shooting, this will allow us to continuously help all our students with any questions they might have. Although, we may set up our camera to allow us to capture video, time lapse, or group pictures. When the workshop dates get closer we will send out a pamphlet to all the students with more information.

Not Included

No food or meals will be provided for the attendees besides on Friday night for the meet and greet at the pizza restaurant and Sunday during the snowshoe brunch. Otherwise we will have a couple snacks like granola bars and water for students occasionally. It is solely the responsibility of the attendee to bring food or purchase food during this workshop except for Friday night and Sunday brunch. 

Transportation will not be provided by the instructors and it is the responsibility of the attendee to have adequate winter transportation. This workshop is occurring during the winter and a vehicle that can handle snow is recommended. The instructors reserve the right to transport someone in case of a severe medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention and 911 cannot be reached. 

Lodging will not be included, it is solely up to the student to find adequate lodging or a place to stay near the workshop  for the weekend. We recommend you find lodging in Crested Butte, but there is cheaper lodging typically in Gunnison. Gunnison is about a 30 minute drive away and make sure you plan for that if you do stay there. 

The attendee is responsible to bring proper equipment to the workshop. This includes any protections/precautions to COVID such as a mask, sanitizer, etc. Students should bring a pen, notebook, camera, tripod, winter clothes, and any item the attendee may need to properly succeed. The instructors may provide one item of equipment or two if it is necessary but will not have enough for every attendee.

Requirements: Must be over 18 (if under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign contract). It is not required to have a full frame camera but it is recommended. We recommend at least 1 lens that is equal to or faster than f/2.8 stop and the wider the better! Justin shoots primarily with a 20mm f/1.8 which is perfect for landscape and astrophotography. Anything above a 35mm lens will be hard to shoot with and will not let you shoot for very long exposures. We recommend prime lenses as well, they tend to perform better than variable zoom lenses for landscape and astrophotography. Must have a tripod! Intervalometer or remote shutter release is recommended for any style of photography. We recommend using a wireless remote, not a cable one. Also, be prepared for winter conditions.